Dow Securities Fed’s interest rate hike expected to help boost the price of gold 北京金融学院

TD Securities: the Fed rate hike is expected to decline in boosting gold prices FX168 – TD securities (TD Securities) on Tuesday (February 2nd) released the report, the recent weak economic data in the United States has let traders believe the possibility of the fed to raise interest rates sharply because of the very small, and the power of gold rose. Announced last week after the implementation of negative interest rates, gold was weaker at the Bank of Japan, but in the week (2 1) the American Institute for supply management (Institute for Supply Management) after the publication of the manufacturing survey and consumer spending data to gold again. Tao Ming said that "this year the Fed rate hike is not radical is a convincing looking, this is a blow to the dollar, the key factors did not rise sharply after the dollar’s weakness is the gold in Japan announced that negative interest rates, but because of the bad assets risk, gold has a potential to restart up." TD securities added "global real interest rates low, coupled with the Fed rate hike is reduced to the impulse, the dollar channel is bound, it will increase the price of gold in the next few weeks." EDT 09:25, New York February gold has risen 90 cents to 1128.90 U.S. dollars ounce, hit the 3 month high of $1131 ounce. Proof: Sherlock goes into Sina Finance shares

道明证券:美联储加息预期下降 助力金价上涨   FX168讯 道明证券(TD Securities)周二(2月2日)发布的报告中称,最近疲软的美国经济数据已经让交易员们相信对美联储大幅加息的可能性很小,因此而助力黄金大涨。上周在日本央行宣布实施负利率之后金价一度走软,然而在周一(2月1日)美国供应管理协会(Institute for Supply Management)公布了制造业调查和消费开支数据之后黄金又再度逞强。   道明称“美联储今年不会激进加息是很有说服力的前瞻,这对美元是打击,美元的走软也是黄金在日本宣布负利率之后没有大幅上涨的关键因素,然而由于其风险资产表现太糟,黄金有重启涨势。”   道明证券补充说“全球实际利率低,再加上美联储加息冲动减少,美元向上的通道被束缚,这在未来几周内将提升金价。”美东时间09:25,纽约2月期金已上涨90美分到1128.90美元 盎司,冲击3个月的高位1131美元 盎司。   校对:夏洛特 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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